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At Fusion Orthopedics we design innovative medical devices that aim to accomplish three things: Improve procedure times in the operating room, enhance patient surgical outcomes, and maintain cost competitiveness.

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Pitch Perfect
Provides greater compression when compared to traditional screws, and a variable Thread pitch, calibrated to each diameter.
The Leader in Hammertoe Fixation
Simple, Predictable, and Repeatable Outcomes. Designed for Fusion.
Continuous Compression
Combines high strength and compression throughout the fusion interface before and after resorption.
Efficient and Time Saving
Designed with surgeons in mind. Revolutionary technology provides counter pressure and creates efficiencies with removals.
An Implant for Every Anatomy
With Three implant styles in one compact tray, TalarLift is the most comprehensive subtalar spacer offering on the market.
The Proven Standard
Over 25 years of successful clinical outcomes have made the Sgarlato GAIT the proven standard for today's joint replacements.

We are dedicated to creating simple, easy to use, and consistently effective implants, to address your most difficult foot and ankle conditions.


We combine quality, and innovative cost saving solutions to maximize the case profitability.


We are a rep-centric company. We listen to your ideas, your feedback, and strive to serve your needs.

Why Fusion Orthopedics?

The foot and ankle market is everchanging with continual acquisitions and industry consolidation. This continual change is frustrating for distributors, reps, doctors, and facilities.

Fusion Orthopedics was founded on the idea of stability. We intend to serve your total product needs for decades to come. Fusion Orthopedics is a rep-centric company.

It is our directive to lower facility costs through innovative products and efficient instruments that reduce time in the operating room.

Research | Digital Implant Arthroplasty

Sgarlato Ship Shaw

Digital implant arthroplasty offers the foot surgeon an excellent alternative to resection arthroplasty and arthrodesis for the treatment of symptomatic digital deformities.  Long term results appear favorable.

Sgarlato TE, Tafuri S: Digital Implant Arthroplasty: Clinics in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery 13(2):255-62, May 1996

0 Years
Of Successful Clinical Outcomes
Reported Patient Satisfaction Rate
Reported Success Rate Based on Implant Removals
PolyLock Plating
PolyLock - FDA Cleared
The PolyLock System consists of various shapes and sizes of plates for the management of small bone orthopedic osteotomies, reconstruction, and trauma. Features include a low profile, limited contact plate capable of dynamic/manual compression, with threaded screw holes accepting both poly-axial and locking screws.
GAIT Tray Small
Silastic System - FDA Cleared
The Silastic System is an expansion of the highly reputable systems created by Dr. Sgarlato. It consists of the well renowned Sgarlato GAIT Flexible 1st MPJ Implant with Grommets, SHIP Flexible PIP Rod now has 2 more sizes, and the original SHAW Flexible PIP Rod.
HammerTech Ti - FDA Cleared
The HammerTech Ti System consists of titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V ELI (ASTM F136)) threaded bone implants intended for fixation of the interphalangeal joints of the lesser toes.
FDA Routine Inspection
Fusion Orthopedics, at their Mesa, Arizona headquarters completed a Level 2 U.S. Food and Drug Administration general inspection. The inspection outcome did not identify any deficiencies and did not result in the issuance of an FDA-483.
OrthoNoble Logo
Fusion Orthopedics Acquires OrthoNoble
Fusion Orthopedics is pleased to announce that it has acquired San Diego, California based OrthoNoble, LLC on November 9th, 2018. OrthoNoble is a sports-medicine medical device company specializing in the development of suture anchors
DynaBridge - FDA Cleared
The DynaBridge Superelastic implant is a Nitinol (Nickel-Titanium Alloy) bone implant intended primarily for fixation of fractures, osteotomy, and arthrodesis of the hand, foot, and bones appropriate for the size of the device.
Fusion Orthopedics Acquires Sgarlato Med
Fusion Orthopedics is pleased to announce that as of August 24th, 2018, Fusion Orthopedics has entered into an agreement to acquire Sgarlato Med.
TalarLift STS - FDA Cleared
The TalarLift STS is a comprehensive arthroereisis system indicated for use in the treatment of the hyperpronated foot and stabilization of the subtalar joint. The TalarLift STS implants are available in Conical, Cylindrical, and Anatomical configurations
FuzeFix - FDA Cleared
The FuzeFix screws are cannulated, self-drilling, self-tapping, and utilize a highly-anticipated removal system intended to improve ease of removals for surgeons, as well as reduce OR time spent on revisions.
HammerTech - FDA Cleared
The HammerTech device is indicated for the fixation of osteotomies and reconstruction of the lesser toes following correction procedures for hammertoe, claw toe and mallet toe.
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