Keeping Your Patient's Best Interests At The Forefront

Patient Satisfaction

We want patients out of their boot and back to full activity as soon as possible. Patient outcome is our priority. We only offer the very latest technology instead of offering yesterdays products in a new package. We have the patient’s best interest at heart which makes for happy surgeons.



Value Added

We invest in small details that make a difference. Often the cost of implants are considered without evaluating the quality of instrumentation or the user experience. The ergonomic and precision movement of our ratcheting handle creates reliable feedback from high to low compression. We also include a time saving removal feature in many of our implants – a testament to our commitment to care beyond implantation. We bear these costs and more because we believe the patient and the surgeon deserve the best as a standard of care.

optimal functionality

What many companies consider premium, we consider the standard of care. Advanced performance features are included in every implant which help to create improved outcomes. Low-profile and zero-profile screw heads, Torx driver interfaces, self-drilling, self-tapping, and reverse-cutting flutes are all standard features in our competitive offerings.



Comprehensive offerings

We believe that patient anatomy and surgeon choices matter.  Our trays are thoughtfully designed and indication specific to give surgeons more choices than other systems on the market.  Engineered for clarity, ease of use, flexibility, and simple color-coded layouts to create maximum efficiency in the operating room.

Sterile packaged systems

With many of our systems we offer implants and instruments that come ready for surgery when you need it.  Our Gamma radiated items eliminate the need for pre-op sterilization, and post-op decontamination, saving facilities valuable time and resources. Sterile packaged Implants are always available and remain sterile – decreasing infection risk.

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Research & Development

Entrust your ideas to Fusion Orthopedics. Our R & D Department works tirelessly to get you to your end goal. We love new challenges and make Doctor feedback our number one priority. We look forward to working with you on your next venture.

FuzeFix Removal System | Time Savings

Extraction_5.5mm_Web 2
0 min
Average Reported Time Savings Per Screw
0 $/min
Average Cost Of Charges Per Minute Of OR Time [1]
0 %
Of Surgeons Reported the FuzeFix Removal Would Result In Time Savings In The Operating Room
$ 0 Appx.
Saved In Charges Per Extraction


With a surveyed time savings of 11.4 minutes per screw removed, a facility could save over $706 in charges for every FuzeFix Screw extraction when compared to competitor screws.

[1] Macario A. What does one minute of operating room time cost? J Clin Anesth. 2010;22(4):233-36. PubMed

Interested in Fusion? Reach out today!
Interested in Fusion? Reach out today!