Fusion Orthopedics Acquires Sgarlato Med


Fusion Orthopedics Acquires Sgarlato Med

Fusion Orthopedics is pleased to announce that as of August 24th, 2018, Fusion Orthopedics has entered into an agreement to acquire Sgarlato Med.  The agreement represents another substantial milestone for Fusion, and will be a catalyst to sales growth for the company.

Sgarlato Med was founded in 1989 by Thomas E. Sgarlato, DPM, a renowned surgeon and pioneer in foot and ankle surgical and biomechanical methods. Throughout his career he was known for his research, innovative surgical techniques, extensive journal articles, books, and as an inventor of foot and ankle implants.  Along with all those to whom Dr. Sgarlato contributed so much, we lament his passing on June 18th 2016.  Fusion Orthopedics is deeply honored to now carry forward the rich legacy he left behind.

This acquisition means that a best in class category has been added to the product portfolio of Fusion Orthopedics.  Only a handful of products have withstood the test of time like the Sgarlato GAIT Flexible 1st MPJ Implant, SHIP Flexible PIP Rod, and SHAW Flexible PIP Rod.

Along with an expanded portfolio, this acquisition provides:

  • Access to facilities and networks nationwide
  • Synergistic opportunities for distribution of Sgarlato products within the Fusion network
  • Expanded distribution of Fusion products to newly acquired distributors

We believe that this acquisition will bring significant benefits to you as a stakeholder in Fusion Orthopedics and we thank you for your continued support.