Fusion Orthopedics, LLC Acquires FuseRight

Fusion Orthopedics, LLC is pleased to announce that it has acquired FuseRight and all patents associated with the FuseRight product from Utah based FootScientific, Inc. on June 19th, 2020. FuseRight is an orthopedic surgery device specifically used in hammer toe fusion procedures. FuseRight is a new generation device for hammer toe fusion reamers, providing greater ease of use and precise peg and socket formation with the objective of quicker healing times with less revisions. The innovative technology features two reamers acting on opposing sides of the PIP joint to create a stable peg and hole solution for correcting hammer toe and other PIP deformities.

FuseRight was designed by Robert Faux M.D., a well-respected orthopedic surgeon in Draper, Utah who was not satisfied with the inefficiency of common hammer toe fusion procedures. Born from a desire to improve patient outcome, he developed, refined, and filed patents related to his unique peg and hole technology over the last decade to address many of the shortcomings inherent in hammer toe repairs.

Central to this technology, is a unique peg and hole feature, which improves performance by affording greater precision, and ease of use without the worry of removing excessive bone. This system provides surgeons a new level of precision for leading to more stable fusions. It is revolutionary in that the device aims to achieve near immediate stability with the goal of attaining (1) less pain in the early stages of healing, (2) reduction in the healing time of soft tissue, (3) reduced risk of infection, (4) reduced non-compliance complications, (5) early walking, enhanced patient mobility, and (6) decreased incidence of revision surgery.

Fusion is excited about this highly anticipated announcement and will strive to have the product available in 2020 with the objective to bring significant benefits to patients and all stakeholders at Fusion Orthopedics, LLC.